How was the investor database formed?
We started collecting a list of investors when we ourselves needed them for our startup. The list growth is very fast, because we were surrounded by the right people for this. Today, our updated list includes more than 10,000 investors.
What is included in your database?
Our database includes Funds, Crypto funds, Venture companies and also leading investors, key persons.
What will I have to do with the list of investors?
You can contact each of them via the communication channel that is convenient for you, whether it is Email or through the LinkedIn profile.
In what form will I receive a list of investors after paying for one of the plans?
After payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the entire database for this plan. You will receive an archive within which the CSV file (Excel table).
Why in the list I don't see columns with phone numbers, sites, linkedIn profiles only an email?
This means that you have purchased the Beginner plan. This data is only available for Featured and Professional plans.
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